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Happyformance inspires

Through our conferences and workshops, we inspire all the target groups in your organisation, from clients to employees, top managers to social partners.

Our chosen themes are Happiness at Work, Transforming HR, Inspiring Leadership, The New World of Work, and Happy Organisations.

Happyformance makes it real

The idea of the project, from advice to results our success is your rapid and efficient autonomy, due to co-creation and the integration of change within the DNA of your organisation. We will set up the dashboard so that you can drive your own changes long term.

Making it real

Ooop(s)portunity ©

Happyformance is optimistic

Every crisis is an Ooop(s)portunity ©.

When there's a problem, an organisation has to be able to reply on the unfailing commitment of its staff, and the loyalty and enthusiasm of its clients.

Thanks to co-creation, everyone involved is key to your success, a source of creativity, simplification and efficiency.

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