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Happy RH


Happiness at work? Are you joking?! Quite the opposite, "Happy HR - happiness at work, profitable and sustainable" demonstrates that the quest for happiness at work, yours and your staff's, yields far more for organisations than the disillusioned use of human resources alone.  

Happy RH

Ed. La Charte, March 2013

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HappyLunch ©

HappyLunch© is unique, combining three exceptional events about Happiness at Work, each lasting 15 minutes (given by an academic, a politician or a business executive) in a luxury environment, encouraging friendly exchanges during a buffet lunch.

HappyLunch© was created following a UN initiative, which in 2013 designated 20th March the International Happiness Day.

See photos of the 3rd Belgian Happiness Day on our site www.happinessday.be


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